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Dear Noojie Alumni,

The National University of Juridical Sciences Alumni Association is soon to be registered formally as a society! Its primary objective is to foster a healthy relationship between the University, its students and its Alumni and hopes to create an atmosphere of exchange which will benefit all the parties involved, and help the ex-students to remain in touch with their Alma Mater. We want to be the forum that enables communication between the university and its Alumni so that there is an opportunity for each party to learn from the other and grow professionally by encouraging and facilitating wider networking and higher education in India as well as abroad.

Membership: Any person who has graduated from the University with a BA/BSc. LLB (Hons.) degree or any other degree from the University and recognized by the appropriate government authority shall automatically qualify as a member. However, to be qualified as an active member an annual membership fee will have to be paid.

Management: The management of the Alumni Association shall be vested in the Executive Committee, which shall be composed of all the Officers of the Alumni Association. The members of the Alumni Association will be organized into chapters-Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

The Association seeks active participation from all its alumni. Please register your personal details on the Nujs Alumni association survey so that we may contact you soon. We may also be reached at alumni@nujs.edu .

Help us make this a success story!

Best wishes,

National University of Juridical Sciences Alumni Association

October 2010

NUJS alumni either practice, teach or study all over the world from New York to Singapore. In just five batches, NUJS alumni have already made a name for themselves. NUJS students have studied further on prestigious scholarships such as the Rhodes Scholarship, the Fulbright Scholarship, the Felix Scholarship and the Chevening Scholarship at the best law schools in the world including Harvard Law School, Cornell Law School, Oxford and the University of Chicago Law School.

NUJS alumni have branched out into several practice areas including marine law, human rights law, international humanitarian law, corporate law and trade law. Many have joined the best Indian and international law firms, while others have joined think tanks and research groups like the Tata Energy Research Institute and the Human Rights Law Network. NUJS alumni have also actively pursued academics and teach around the world in top law universities like the Singapore Management University while some have come back to teach at NUJS. Our alumni have also clerked with judges at the Supreme Court of India while some have begun successful practices in many High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.

The University cherishes the achievements of its alumni. Alumni have a very important role to play in nurturing and developing academic institutions. NUJS considers its alumni as an important stakeholder and partner in its journey towards becoming a centre of excellence. It is keen to maintain a very warm and cordial relationship with the alumni and constantly looks forward to their support.

NUJS Alumni
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