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Frequently Asked Questions

   What is Legal Aid? Is it free?
Legal Aid is the provision of legal assistance to those persons who are otherwise unable to access the legal system through various means. Our activities include:

  • Client counseling;
  • Conducting legal awareness camps in rural as well as urban areas;
  • Preparation and publication of legal-aid literature;
  • Arranging workshops for various functionaries of the legal systems such as lawyers, students, Non-Governmental organizations and Government agencies;
  • Carrying out field surveys;
  • Conducting Adult Literacy Classes for the non-teaching staff of the University;
  • Conducting street-plays on socio-legal issues.
Part IV Entry II of the Bar Council of India Rules on Legal Education makes it mandatory for all 5 year law programmes to have a functional Legal Aid Clinic. The Legal Aid Society at NUJS is set up pursuant to this provision.

The legal counseling services provided by us are completely free of cost. Our role however, is restricted to counseling and we do not appear before any court or tribunals but may be able to assist you in finding a suitable lawyer to argue your matter before such a body if the need so arises.

  So, then where do the funds come from?

The University has earmarked an annual budget for its Legal Aid Services which are channelized through the Legal Aid Society. Certain events which the Society organizes in conjunction with Governmental bodies and / or Non-Governmental Organisations, are funded partly or fully by them.

  How is the Legal Aid Society different from State Legal Aid Services Authority?

The State Legal Services Authority is a statutory body under S.6, of the Legal Services Authority Act, 1987. This comprises of a panel of lawyers who will argue your case before the court.
The NUJS Legal Aid Society on the other hand is a non-statutory body which has been set up by the University and is run by the students under the guidance of our faculty members. Although we do not have a panel of lawyers to argue your case, we may be able to help you to find a lawyer for your case.

  Who can avail Legal Aid Counseling Services?

The free legal counseling service is aimed primarily towards those who are financially incapable of approaching a lawyer for legal advice.
  What role do students play in Legal Aid Society?

The students play a critical role in the Legal Aid Society such as contacting lawyers, Non-Governmental Organisations and maintaining a working relationship with other law colleges, conducting awareness camps, organizing other events such as seminars & conferences as well as doing research-work for projects undertaken by the Society. The faculty members play an advisory role in all these activities.

  What is Legal Aid Counseling?

Legal Aid Counseling is where a client who is unable to approach a good lawyer due to financial difficulties approaches the Legal Aid Society with his case. An experienced faculty member or a lawyer who conducts the Legal Counseling Sessions addresses the queries of the client. Students from the University may at times be researchers for this faculty member or lawyer. The counseling is strictly of an advisory nature and the Society does not appear in court for arguing the case of the client. The counseling is completely free of cost.

   What is e-Legal Aid Clinic?

e-Legal Aid Clinic is a new initiative of the Society which is directed at reaching out to those who cannot reach the Legal Aid Society physically. All you need to do is send your legal query to us at and we shall get back to you within a reasonable time. Strict confidentiality will be maintained.

  What if I am not from West Bengal?

Since the University is located in West Bengal, most of the matters for legal counseling deal with local laws of West Bengal. The counseling activities therefore are restricted only to West Bengal. We are however open to conduct other activities of the Legal Aid Society outside West Bengal subject to there being a sufficient resources for the same.

  Can I contribute to the society's activities in any manner?

You can contribute either as a volunteer for our activities or as a donor. As a volunteer, you can participate in various programmes conducted by the University. To register yourself as a volunteer, contact us. Monetary donations to the University shall be deductable under s. 80-G of the Income Tax Act.

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