NUJS  Diploma & Certificate Programs

NUJS offers a few short-term Diploma and Certificate programs periodically.

Post Graduate Diploma in Air and Space Law

Post Graduate Diploma in Air and Space Law (PGDASL) is a unique initiative undertaken at NUJS, Kolkata. The Course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of Air Law and Space Law along with some fundamental principles of public international law related to air and space. The course would be extremely useful to the candidates having wide-ranging background, from legal to scientific.

Course Duration: One Year
Mode: Distance Education

Course Coordinator: Dr. Sandeepa Bhat
Last Date for application submission: 30 June 2015

1. About the Course.
2. Application Form


Post Graduate Diploma in Nuclear Law 

The Post Graduate Diploma in Nuclear Law (PGDNL) is one of the most innovative courses in law offered by the WBNUJS, Kolkata. The Course was initiated in collaboration with Department of Atomic Energy, Anushakti Bhavan, Mumbai. In the background of growing importance of the technology and energy related laws, a study of nuclear law has great use for operators of nuclear plants, vendors, legal practitioners, officers of AEC and BARC and the students having both legal and scientific background. This course is unique and highly useful in understanding the laws relating to liability for nuclear damage, nuclear safety and regulatory regime, nuclear non proliferation, nuclear safeguards and dispute settlement in addition to basic principles of nuclear law.

Specialists in Nuclear Law and Public International Law disciplines from DAE, NUJS and other institutions will be involved in delivering lectures during contact sessions of one week duration both in Monsoon and Winter Session.

Up-to-date course material prepared by the experts will be furnished for study. Thus the course
will greatly enhance the professional competence of candidates and enable them in effective
handling of wide-ranging issues relating to nuclear law. Though the course has a legal backdrop, it is planned to be delivered in simple legal terms in order to accommodate the interests of persons without formal legal education. Hence, the course is expected to be useful for the candidates having not only legal background but also scientific background. This course has the credit of being the first of its kind on the subject initiated in India with Government collaboration.

Course Coordinator: Dr.Saurabh Bhattacharjee .
Last date for receipt of applications extended upto: 30 June 2015.



Post Graduate Diploma in Business Laws Programme
 Program Introduction
 NNUJS is one of the premiere Law University in India. With globalization, liberalization and the ever changing and evolving national and international regulatory framework, knowledge and exposure of laws affecting domestic and international businesses is critical in thoroughly understanding the underpinnings of the business, national and globally. It is with this intent the NUJS is conducting the One Year Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Business Laws for the entrepreneurs, working in the corporate sector and others, Larsen & Toubro, one of the leading global corporate brands is the first recipient of the programme.

The course is conducted through a flexible pedagogy and contact classes are held at the NUJS campus. Experts in their fields, drawn from all over the country along with the NUJS faculty are involved in teaching the Diploma students. Last Date of Submission of Application: 20.07.2015.
 Course Coordinator: Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Mobile: 9477091658, Email: ksanjaynujs@gmail.com
 1. About the Course
 2. Application form for admission to PGDBL


Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights

Session 2015-16 - Important Notice
List of Selected Candidates short-listed for Admission (.pdf)

The continuing aspiration of individuals and peoples to seek an environment where one is treated with equity, equality and justice represents the evolution of Human Rights. The concept of human rights, justice and human dignity date back to antiquity. It is in the late 18th century that notions of individuals as the bearer of human become crystallized. Thereafter in the post World War II period human rights were institutionalized as legal documents within international law as well as in national constitutional frameworks. Human rights are conceptualized and practiced at multiple levels. From philosophical understanding of rights and duties, they can be understood as normative frameworks reflecting or challenging moral and ethical concerns, can work in tandem or in opposition to religious and customary practices and finally understood as a legal frameworks embedded in historical, social, political and economic contexts. The debates on various facets of human rights law is to be understood within the contexts of colonization, post coloniality and globalization.

The objective of this course is to familiarize students to various aspects of human rights with a focus on national and international legal frameworks of human rights. Human rights education not only provides an understanding of one's own rights but also of fostering an attitude of tolerance, goodwill and removal of prejudices towards fellow human beings. The topics in this course are chosen carefully so that the students can be motivated to pursue their interest in the field of human rights.

With the aim of spreading human rights awareness, NUJS started a Post Graduate Diploma Course in Human Rights in 2011. The course for the current academic year (2015-16) will begin in the last week of September 2015. The course comprises of three papers namely, (1) Human Rights and the Indian Constitution, (2) International Human Rights Law and (3) Rights of Vulnerable Groups.

The course has the approval of The University Grants Commission (UGC). The eligibility criterion is a Bachelor's degree in any discipline from a recognized University. Provisional admission will be made for candidates who are awaiting graduation results provided other conditions are met. The course will be conducted in English thrice a week in the evenings at NUJS premises. The total course fee is Rs.15,000 (Fifteen thousand only).

Download application form from website. Last Date of Submission of completed Application Forms has been further extended till 23rd September 2015 from 30 August 2015. The same can be submitted by email or in hard copy. Candidates will be notified via email or website if application has been accepted and asked to pay the course fee of Rs.15,000 (Rupees Fifteen thousand only) . Admission will be complete only after payment of fees.

Email applications to be sent to Mr. Sovan Chaudhuri at: pgdhr1415@gmail.com [Phone no - 25694700]. Hard copies of application to be submitted to his office on the ground floor of the University.

  Application Form   Undertaking-for-Marksheets

Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws

The one year diploma course in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws was started in 2012 with the objective of bridging the gap between academia and the legal industry. It is the only universally accessible and comprehensive course on business laws in the country right now which focuses on practical aspects of law. Since the time of its launch, it has been one of the most popular courses of NUJS, with over 900 students spread across 12 countries. The course aims to impart practical legal skills in business law - and so far, an exciting mix of entrepreneurs, managers, decision-makers, working professionals, law students, practicing advocates and even civil servants have taken up this course.

The course is conducted in collaboration with iPleaders, a legal education business which is working on re-engineering legal education to make it accessible to everyone.

Note: This diploma course is conducted online and is entirely location-neutral. Candidates are not required to travel to Kolkata, and can learn at their own pace and time. Candidates who successfully complete the course will be issued a diploma from NUJS, Kolkata.

Key features of the course are:

  • Location neutral - Learn business laws through an online Learning Management System from any location, at your own pace and time (approximate study time is around 3-4 hours per week)
  • Learn from interactive videos, text based material, templates, checklists, mind-maps, drafting exercises and self-assessment tests
  • Interact with our Industry Panel consisting of top law firm partners, senior litigators, investment bankers, entrepreneurs, judges and bureaucrats during webinars and receive industry updates from top law firms
  • Participate in discussion forum and live online sessions for doubt clearing
  • Join hundreds of alumni from 12 countries - including IIT/IIM grads, IAS officers, CEO and CFOs, Fortune 500 and Sensex-30 executives
  • Sharpen skills learnt through situational self-assessment exercises which sharpen real-world skills
  • No prior knowledge of law or business management is required
  • Use practical legal skills in the course grow your own business with confidence, get executive level jobs and faster promotions
  • Recruitment/ internship assistance provided

Important: Enrollment for our sixth batch commencing in November 2014 is now open. You may proceed to enrollment here.

We believe that there should be no age bar for entrepreneurship or for learning essential career-skills, so the minimum qualification has been kept low. Anyone who has completed Class XII is eligible.

The course fee is INR 25,000 which can be paid in two instalments. You may enrol by paying the first instalment of INR 15,000 right away along with a post-dated cheque of INR 10,000 dated 1st May, 2015.

The post-dated cheque will be encashed by us only in the month of May. You can also choose to pay the entire amount at once.

You can view the full course syllabus here, or sign up here to try a free 5-day course.

If you require any clarifications, feel free to contact Pallavi Pareek on 09582630056 or write to startup@ipleaders.in. Let her know if you want to be connected with someone with a similar educational background or work profile as yours.

Certificate Programs


Program Introduction

Consumer protection law is an age old concept, but in the last few decades there has been a significant development in this branch of law. Globalization, market-dominated economy, information revolution and development of consumer consciousness to ensure maximum value for money are all responsible for the phenomenal advancement in consumer law. The Indian legal framework on consumer protection has also undergone a sea of change with the introduction of the Consumer Protection Act in 1986. After 25 years of incorporation this legislation stands as a cornerstone in upholding the consumer rights and reducing their vulnerability by way of consumer education and awareness. With the contemporary expansion in the field of consumer law in mind, it necessitates for increasing consumer education. WBNUJS Kolkata, supported by the Department of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India, has therefore introduced this Certificate Course on Consumer Law to promote education of citizens on the topic of consumer law, consumer rights and various beneficial provisions introduced by Consumer Protection Act to ensure consumer justice. The Course is designed to provide an overview of Consumer Protection Act along with information about the consumer forums created for speedy and efficacious resolution of consumer disputes. 

Last date for receipt of applications is extended upto 08 September 2015

  Download Complete Details of the Course and Mode of Registration & Study (.pdf)
  Download Application Form (.pdf)


Executive Program in Sexual Harassment Prevention and Workplace Diversity (Online - Physical classes available on optional basis)

Executive Program in Sexual Harassment Prevention and Workplace Diversity is a three months online certificate programme offered by NUJS. The course has been conceptualized by NUJS and iPleaders (its industry partner) in consultation with partners of top law firms, senior litigators, women's commission members, and general counsels of top MNCs, making it highly practical enabling learners to implement sexual harassment prevention laws in their organisation or provide expert inputs to clients. Implementation insights from over 100 companies have been relied upon, with employee strength ranging from 10 to six thousand. The course also addresses broader workplace diversity and harassment concerns to enable learners to add value to forward looking high-growth organizations with more exhaustive needs, and to also position themselves more appropriately for more extensive workplace-regulation in future, similar to the US or UK. You can check the full syllabus here.

The course is targeted at HR managers, consultants, accountants, company secretaries, NGOs, in-house lawyers and internal training departments and members of internal complaint committees (ICC). After completing the course, learners will be able to assist organizations in creating tailor-made sexual harassment prevention policies, set up and train complaints committees, administer and conduct organization-wide sensitization programs, create watertight systems for confidentiality, perform compliance and reporting requirements under existing law.

Key feature of the course

  • Location neutral - You can learn the course through an online Learning Management System from any location, at your own pace and time (approximate study time is around 3-4 hours per week)
  • Learn from interactive videos, text based material, templates, checklists, mind-maps, drafting exercises and self-assessment tests
  • The course comes with more than 15 templates, sample documents, checklists, agreements, etc, which will help the students in implementing the law in the organisations very easily.
  • Participate in discussion forum and live online sessions for doubt clearing.
  • Sharpen skills learnt through situational self-assessment exercises which sharpen real-world skills
  • Recruitment/ internship assistance provided

Eligibility: Any graduate having work experience of more than two years is eligible for the course.

Course fee: The course fee is INR 25,000 which can be paid by cheque, demand draft, cash deposit or NEFT. Click here for further details about the enrolment process.

Important: Admission open for the first batch which starts from 15th January 2015.

If you require any clarifications, feel free to contact Pallavi Pareek on 09582630056 or write to workplacediversity@ipleaders.in.

Course website: http://sexualharassment.nujs.edu/


A Post-Graduate Certificate Programme.

Program Introduction

The W.B. National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata announces an intensive post-graduate certificate course on 'RIGHTS-BASED CAMPAIGNING'. The course will introduce foundational and advanced concepts related to social justice, human rights, law in development and also equip participants with essential tools with which to strengthen campaign strategies using a rights-based approach. The course will allow participants to unravel challenges, share strategies, and discuss approaches, methodologies, strengths and limitations of their work. The course will have a special focus on the rights of marginalized groups like women, Dalits, sexual minorities, disabled people, displaced/ refugees and their economic, social and cultural rights. 

Programme Coordinator: Ms. Ruchira Goswami

  Forthcoming (details to be announced later)

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