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The students of NUJS have excelled in almost every field. They have proven their mettle in various areas such as Moot Courts, Debates, and Essay Writing. Our students also have publications in various international and national publications and journals and have participated in a plethora of seminars.

Moot Courts
Essay Writing

Student Organisations

The Student Juridical Association (SJA) is the organization of students to promote co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Certain co-curricular programmes are required activities for all students for which academic credits are assigned. Non-participation will entail negative marking and therefore students are advised in their own interest to make the best use of facilities offered. The nature and variety of co-curricular programmes depend on the interest and initiated of students for which Faculty Advisors are assigned in appropriate cases.

At NUJS, students form an integral part of the day to day running of the University. For this purpose, various societies have been created for the organization of events and managing of students' activities.

The societies, can broadly be categorized as societies that are a part of the Student Juridical Association and societies that are not.

The SJA Societies are:
  • Moot Court Society
  • Library Committee
  • Literary and Debating Society
  • Cultural Committee
  • Magazine Committee
  • Cyber Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Nature Committee
  • Contemporary Affairs Society
The Non-SJA Societies are:
  • Films Society
  • Constitutional Law Society
  • Society for International Law and Practice
  • Corporate and Fiscal Laws Society
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Laws Society
  • Society for Global Democracy
  • Society for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment
  • Society for Advancement in Criminal Justice
  • Society for International Trade and Competition


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