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Year 2017

International Seminar on ADR and Legal Aid
(A Dissemination Seminar under the Department of Justice Project)
24 June 2017

Alternative dispute settlement (ADR) mechanisms and legal aid are undoubtedly two significant pillars of access to justice. Pendency of huge number of cases before various courts in India indicates the sorry state of affairs regarding the success of ADR and legal aid. In order to understand the situation in West Bengal, NUJS has undertaken a research project funded by the Department of Justice.

As a part of the project work, a dissemination seminar on ADR and legal aid is organised on 24 June 2017 at NUJS, which is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Sandeepa Bhat B. The major objective of this International Seminar is to deliberate on the research findings of the project and get feedbacks from delegates and participants.

While the project team presented its research findings, other resource persons presented their papers on some of the working models of ADR and legal aid in different parts of the world. Resource persons to the Seminar included Prof. Dr. T.R. Subramanya, Mr. Stephen Lancken, Ms. Laila Ollapally, Dr. Anirban Chakraborty, Dr. (Fr.) Davis Panadan, Dr. Jeet Singh Mann, Dr. Ujwala Shinde and Dr. Muthu Kumar. The Seminar has been attended by over 60 participants from different parts of India.

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