युक्ती हीने विचारे तु धर्महानि प्रजायते

Lecture at Radha Binod Pal Center for Critical Legal Studies

On January 30th, in commemoration of Mahatma Gandhi’s Martyrdom Day, the Justice Radhabinod Pal Centre for Critical Legal Studies at NUJS, Kolkata organized a thought-provoking event. The esteemed Prof. V Krishna Ananth, an alumnus of Jawaharlal Nehru University and Government Law College, Madras, who currently teaches at Sikkim University’s Department of History, graced the occasion physically.

Prof. Ananth addressed the audience on the intriguing topic: “Locating the Idea of Justice in Gandhi’s Approach to Law as Legitimate and Illegitimate.” The event was moderated by NUJS’s own Prof. Vijay Kishor Tiwari, adding scholarly depth to the discourse. Prof. Ananth intriguingly put navigated the contemporary reality that Gandhian ideas are often subject to ridicule, especially among the current generation influenced by social media. However, the choice of the subject matter, particularly on the day of Gandhi’s assassination, aimed to reflect on Gandhi’s guiding principles, especially during his struggles against the Empire. His insights delved into Gandhi’s philosophy and its implications on the concept of justice within legal frameworks. Overall, he underscored the need to examine Gandhi’s principles and understand his ideas beyond mere reverence or ridicule, emphasising the importance of practical engagement with Gandhian philosophy in addressing contemporary challenges.

The session was intellectually stimulating, offering attendees a deeper understanding of Gandhi’s perspectives on law and justice. In sum, the event provided a platform for reflection on the enduring relevance of Gandhi’s principles in contemporary legal studies and social justice movements.