युक्ती हीने विचारे तु धर्महानि प्रजायते

Dr. Paramita DasGupta


Dr. DasGupta has been associated with the Faculty of Law at the NUJS Kolkata since January 2014. A qualified Advocate enrolled with the Bar Council of India, she brings with herself a breadth of experience in practice, as well as substantial research-based academic exposure, both at the national and international levels.

An alumna of NUJS Kolkata (2007 graduand), she attained a B.Sc.-LL.B. degree with Honours, and after couple of years with the Litigation & Dispute Resolution team of M/s. Amarchand & Mangaldas (Mumbai), – proceeded to earn her LL.M. with High Merit from Queen Mary, University of London (2010 graduand), specialising in International & Comparative Intellectual Property Laws; She subsequently earned her PhD in Law (2022), with her Thesis exploring “Intellectual Propertification & the Politics of the Knowledge Economy: The Indian Experience vis-à-vis IPRs & The Right to Health”.

At the WBNUJS Kolkata, Dr. DasGupta offers a variety of law & technology related courses at both, the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate levels, alongside serving as the:

  • Director of the WBNUJS Centre for Health Laws & Policy,
  • Assistant Director for the WBNUJS Centre for Technology & Law,
  • Faculty Convenor of the NUJS Curriculum Review Board,
  • Co-Faculty Advisor to the NUJS Campus Recruitment Cell,
  • Faculty Coordinator of Student Progression to PG Courses, and Student Training & Exchange Programmes
  • Faculty Member, NUJS Value-Added Courses’ Cell,
  • Faculty Advisor to the NUJS IP Clinic,
  • Faculty Advisor to the NUJS Moot Court Society, and
  • Managing Editor of the Asian Journal of Legal Education [ISSN: 2322-0058; ISSN(O): 2348-2451]

Besides teaching, Dr. DasGupta has been associated with various governmental and non-governmental research outfits within the UK, the EU, and at home in India – some such notable engagements being: as a Research Associate with Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (Government of India) constituted Think-Tank deputed to frame and draft India’s very first comprehensive National IPR Policy (2015), as a Research Fellow with the Queen Mary Global Policy Institute’s Commonwealth Secretariat-funded “Resilient Futures India Initiative” (2019-2021), and as an independent expert with the CEIPI Strasbourg (2021-2022), the DPIIT’s CGPDTMO (2022-2023), the Department of Law, University of Westminster (2023), etc.

She also contributes regularly to various acclaimed academic journals, both nationally and internationally, with her research interests covering the policy-interface between intellectual property rights and international human rights law, such as:

  • Global Policy & Economics of Intellectual Property Law;
  • International & Comparative Intellectual Property Laws;
  • Intellectual Property Governance;
  • Intellectual Property Laws & International Human Rights;
  • Biotechnology, Bioethics & Intellectual Property Law;
  • Public Health Law & Access to Medicines, etc.