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Training of M.Sc. Forensic Science Students of WBNUJS, Kolkata at IISER, Kolkata

Students of M.Sc. Forensic Science 2nd semester from the WBNUJS, Kolkata, had undergone a 16 day hands-on instrumentation training at the IISER, Kolkata campus which has been held from September 1, 2022 to September 16, 2022. The training programme was a part of the MOU signed between the WBNUJS, Kolkata and IISER, Kolkata. During this exhilarating experience at the IISER, Kolkata campus, students learned the theoretical as well as practical aspects of different high-end and sophisticated instruments like, Spectrophotometers, Electron Microscopes, Electrophoretic apparatus, Centrifuge, Mass Spectrometer, Flow Cytometer etc. used for the purpose of forensic analyses of different evidences. This training will remain as one of the most impactful landmark in the career of all the students and they will achieve new heights in their respective lives through the knowledge they have acquired from it.