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Placement Cell

The Campus Recruitment Committee (‘CRC’) is the nodal committee for coordinating internship and recruitment opportunities for the graduating batch of NUJS. Consisting of nine elected student members, the CRC performs a host of diverse functions. The committee is responsible for soliciting recruiters, helping the student body augment their marketable legal skills and managing the logistics of recruitment the whole year round. The CRC does not confine itself solely to the corporate side of law, but also collaborates with banking institutions and lawyers’ chambers to ensure that the student body has a wide array of options to choose from.

Placement Cell

The CRC’s success as a committee is exemplified by NUJS’s stellar track record in recruitment. Year after year, the committee, with the generous help of the college administration, ensures that 100% of the students who sit for placement obtain at least one job offer. Most recently, the CRC 2019-20 reported the highest number of placements across all national law universities, with 119 job offers being made to the batch, and over 90 students having secured a job offer before graduation. The CRC is a cornerstone of the reputation that NUJS enjoys in the legal fraternity, and a testament to the vibrant student-driven climate of the college.
The CRC works under the guidance and mentorship of the faculty advisor Prof. (Dr.) Anirban Mazumdar.

Campus Recruitment Committee, 2024-2025

Prof. (Dr.) Anirban Mazumdar,

Faculty Coordinator of the Recruitment Committee

Pratyush Kumar Jena,

Coordinator of the Recruitment Committee

Subhajit Lodh Chowdhury,

Coordinator of the Recruitment Committee

Nitin Kumar Verma,

Treasurer of the Recruitment Committee

Nimisha Nagpal,

Spokesperson of the Recruitment Committee

SL. No. Name Position of Responsibility Contact Details
Prof. (Dr.) Anirban Mazumdar
Faculty Coordinator
+91 98310 13626
Anchal Agarwal
+91 9163622099
Tirthesh Jain
+91 9088228592
Sanyam Jha
+91 9163023561
Arya Kant
+91 7042415688