युक्ती हीने विचारे तु धर्महानि प्रजायते


The Student Juridical Association (SJA), along with the university administration has worked carefully to review the mental health and emotional well-being requirements of the student community. We care about every member of our University community and seek to support their holistic development during your time at NUJS.The University tied up with Over a Cup of Tea, a psychological wellness centre in Kolkata. Pursuant to our tie-up, NUJS has three dedicated counsellors who are available for one-to-one counselling and therapy sessions upon request.
Students can contact sja@nujs.edu to access the appointment link which is completely anonymised. This is available to students free of charge. Until students are back on campus, these meetings will be organized on Zoom.

Mentorship Programmes

The Buddy Initiative
The Buddy Initiative is a student-run mentorship programme founded in 2015. Under the initiative, each first-year student is assigned two mentors, one each from the fourth and fifth years of the BA LLB (Hons.) Programme. These mentors not only guide the students on the university’s functioning in the initial days of law school, but are also their go-to person for all forms of support as they settle into the life of a law student. The purpose of this initiative is to make incoming students feel at home at the university.

Grievance Redressal

The Vigilance and Grievance Redressal Commission
The Vigilance and Grievance Redressal Commission acts as a financial watchdog and is tasked with auditing the accounts of various SJA committees and university events. The oversight exercised over SJA societies is two-pronged. Firstly, it is within their mandate to ensure that funds allotted to these SJA societies are used fairly and transparently, strictly for the purposes that they have been allotted for. Secondly, the Commission is also responsible for conducting enquiries and passing orders against complaints regarding arbitrary selection of members in a committee, event, or competition, or the non-compliance of rules or regulations by any committees. To ensure that SJA societies build a positive and encouraging culture that promotes their respective extra-curricular activity, it is imperative that they work in an honest, transparent, and accountable manner. The Commission acts as a body to ensure this accountability and to address concerns of any irregularities, financial or otherwise.