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University Campus

WBNUJS campus is located in the Salt Lake city of Kolkata overlooking the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. The campus is well connected to the railway stations in Kolkata, the Kolkata airport and other well-known destinations in Kolkata such as Park Street and Victoria Memorial. The NUJS campus is spread over an area of five acres of land comprising an academic block, the halls of residence and a few flats for the faculties. The campus also has a guest house and a gymnasium for the students and the staff and faculties of NUJS. NUJS has its own auditorium on campus with all modern facilities. The academic block of the campus has the NUJS library; two fully air conditioned conference rooms; two huge lecture theatres; offices of the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar; offices of the faculty members and staff; LL.B and LL.M classrooms; and a canteen.
WBNUJS provides several facilities to its students and faculties and is continuously striving to improve upon many of the existing facilities and add new facilities. NUJS has a Doctor and a Counselor who regularly visit the campus to address physical and mental health concerns of students. NUJS students have access to computer and high-speed internet services throughout the academic and residential blocks along with photocopying and printing services in the library. Students and faculties have remote access to all major legal databases such as JSTOR, HeinOnline, Westlaw, Lexis Nexis, Manupatra. In addition, NUJS, in association with Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access (IDIA) has set up an Accessibility Lab in memory of late Professor Shamnad Basheer to make access to cutting-edge legal knowledge more accessible to differently abled students.
Each faculty member of NUJS has an independent desk/work station, access to a personal computer/laptop and internet facilities in their respective offices. The faculty members also have adequate storage space and access to other desk services such as printing and intercom services in their offices.
WBNUJS has several Centres of Studies and Research where the students get the opportunity of associating themselves as Research Assistants. In addition, students may engage themselves with various academic and extra-curricular activities like organizing workshops/seminars/debates etc.



NUJS provides separate halls of residence for boys and girls. Both the halls of residence, put together, can accommodate up to 500 students. The halls of residence have mess facilities as well, which is managed by a mess committee composed of students. The halls of residence also have a common dining area with a television and other sporting facilities. The Registrar of the University is the Chief Warden of the Halls of Residence followed by a resident Warden in charge. Apart from this, the boy’s hall of residence has two resident Wardens and the girl’s hall of residence has one resident Warden. The Wardens are responsible for the day to day matters related to discipline in the hostel along with other issues such as room allocation. All the housekeeping, construction and building/room maintenance work in the Halls of Residence is managed by the Campus Supervisor of NUJS.


The University Central Library occupies a central location commanding a spectacular view of the quadrangle and hostels. The Reading Room is spread over 758 sq. metres of floor space providing 400 seats. As an integral component of the academic programs, the Library supports the University’s teaching and research. The Library is much more than a repository for the accumulated knowledge in law and social sciences, it serves as the heart of our intellectual enterprise.
The NUJS library is a participating member of INFLIBNET’s UGC-INFONET consortium whereby it regularly contributes to SHODHGANGA, and SHODHGANGOTRI. It is also a member of National Digital Library of India (NDLI) since 2018.

The Library has a collection of more than 30,000 books including some rare out of print titles gifted by eminent persons from their personal collection

The Library subscribes to 100 journals and 13 daily newspapers. The back issues of the journals are bound and we now have over 6000 volumes of bound journals.

The Library archives hold the complete sets of Fleet Street Report, Public Law, Anti Trust Law Journal, All England Law Reports from 1558 and AIR from 1920 onwards. We have been enriched by donations from eminent legal luminaries and organisations.

We also subscribe to 28 IP based online databases in law and social sciences.

  1. Bloomsbury Collection
  2. Cambridge eBooks
  3. EBC Reader
  4. Economic and Political Weekly (EPW)
  5. Hein Online
  6. I-Law
  7. Investor State Law Guide (ISLG)
  8. JSTOR
  9. Kluwer Arbitration
  10. Kluwer Competition
  11. LegitQuest
  12. Lexis Advanced
  13. Manupatra
  14. Oxford Competition Law (OCL)
  15. Oxford Constitutions of the World (OCW)
  16. Oxford Handbooks Online
  17. Oxford Legal Research Library (OLRL)
  18. Oxford Reports on International Law (ORIL)
  19. Oxford Scholarship
  20. Oxford Spotify – (3 databases)
  21. Sage Journals – (17 Subscribed Journals)
  22. SCC Online
  23. Taxmann Online
  24. Transnational Dispute Management (TDM)
  25. Westlaw Asia

Some of the international databases, we are the only national law school who subscribe to it. These databases may be accessed by students in the academic block, hostel and from home via remote access.

We have purchased over 1337 e-books in addition to the ones that are available via the online databases. This collection is being constantly developed each year.

The library has Laboratory for People with Special Needs. Books may be issued by users via a Self-Checkout machine. For security of users and collection we have CCTV, RFID & Digital Library Assistant, Magnetic Tattle tapes and Security Gate. Students, faculty and guests users can also avail of

Computers – 50

Scanners – 2

Printers – 2 (against Payment)

Photocopying – 2 (against payment)

The library is open 20 hours a day, and 24/7 fifteen days before examinations and throughout the entire duration of examinations. Additionally, it remains open for round the clock access during moot court competitions as well. The library is closed on three national holidays during a year.

The Library places equal emphasis on the provision of quality services for its users. Experienced staff are there to assist in using the collection and online services.

From its humble initiatives on 1 June 2000 there has been a rapid and significant growth in the collection making our library on par with all other Law Schools in the country.

IT Services

IT Services

Institution frequently updates its IT facilities including wifi.

The Campus Wide Network of WBNUJS, Kolkata is a state-of-the-art network connecting its Academic Building Zone 1, Academic Building zone 2 , Boys Hostel, Girls Hostel and Staff Quarter thorough single mode Optical Fiber Cable with 9-micron core and 125 micron cladding. OFC Across the campus is tested OK over 1310 nm laser with OTDR. The network is on three tier architecture of Core- Distribution-Access level with a star topology. All distribution levels are connected with core through OFC and all access levels are connected with distribution through 23/24 AWG UTP. UTP across the campus are tested OK for 250-500 MHz, with the Network analyzer. The Core switch and 4 nos. distribution switches are modular chassis based switch and 43 nos. Access switches are stand alone 24 port managed switch with 2 additional gig ports. The L3 operation will be implemented on Core and Distribution level and L2 operation are on access level switches.

Regarding Server side implementation, there are implementation of NMS Server, AV Server, DNS server, Local Proxy Server and Cache server.

On top of these it is proposed to have Deployment and Configuration of Radius Server, UMS (University Management System) software, Mail Server and Internal Web Server in running network.

The IT services are managed through Central Server Room established in the University , the following IT services are managed:

  1. Network Security Firewall.
  2. Juniper router by NKN
  3. CCTV Surveillance System for different area/departments of the university.
  4. IBM and HP Servers for camps wide network.
  5. Polycom Video Conferencing System for virtual classes and other conferencing events of the university.

For information security the University is using Juniper Firewall at its premises. To avoid outside threat all the necessary modules such as Anti Malware, Anti-Spam, Web and Application Filter and Intrusion Prevention System are installed at Gateway level.

All IT equipment’s have power backup and the University has installed both online & offline UPS. The University has also installed Anti-Virus at server level and all the user (staff computers) update the anti-virus from the server. All the software are regularly updated to the latest version. All the servers installed in the university are secured with the password.

There are 42 nos. 802.11b/g wireless radio zone across Academic building, especially at Conference room, class room, auditorium, library, corridors, and at dining halls at hostels. These access points are centrally controlled by a controller. This entire network carefully designed with the options in mind of redundancy, up gradation, flexibility, scalability, and ease of user.

The University has successfully implemented the celling mounted digital projection systems for 12 nos. of class rooms, completed on 24.03.2017.

1 no. of projector for the university auditorium & 1 no. of wall mounted fully interactive projector for seminar hall, completed on 31.03.2017.

The university has implemented composite digital lecterns for enhancing the smart class room facility equipped with High end CPU, Collar Microphone, Cordless Microphone, Goose Neck Microphone, Document Visualizer, Wireless media pad, External Speaker, Amplifier, Mixer and Content (excl. audio) recording in P.C for 12 nos. of class rooms and 1no. for the seminar hall, completed on 31.03.2017.

Implementation of CCTV surveillance systems has successfully completed for all the class rooms and 3 nos. of seminar halls integrated with 32 nos. of waterproof day/night motion sensing camera and connected with a 32 channel 4K NVR centralized controlled from vice chancellor Office. Completed on. 31.03.2017. And for implementation of surveillance system for registrar office and front office integrated with 9 Nos. of waterproof day/night motion sensing camera, connected with a 16 channel NVR centralized controlled from registrar’s Office. Respectively Completed on 31.03.2017 and 31.05.2017 The University also having existing CCTV surveillance system for campus, integrated with 8 Nos. of waterproof day/night motion sensing camera, connected with a 8 channel NVR centralized controlled from security helpdesk.

To meet future challenges the university is implementing ERP solution and file tracking system for e-governance, Document management, work flow management, University Management System, Personnel Advance Management System, Examination System Automation System including end-to-end solution for all examination related activities’ such as, generation of hall tickets, examination scheduling and management, fee management, result preparation, publishing of results on Internet, and degree printing will be included. In addition the placement process, hostel management and alumni interface will be adopted.

Number of Students : Number of Computers

Desktop Computers 3:34 [81 plus computers for 850 students]

Laptop /Tab 1:1 (Each student is required to have a own Laptop/Tab).

The University is having 1 GBPS Internet connectivity for entire campus through BSNL under NMEICT project. With the implementation of this mission, the WBNUJS has become a part of National Knowledge Network (NKN). The complete University area is equipped to offer Internet connectivity through a wireless network for students and staff, who bring their own portable computers with wireless capability. To reduce the paper work, the University is also providing Intranet Facilities for the students through which they can see the latest notices and read online e-books on their computer even when they are sitting in the hostels. 24×7 internet connectivity with 1GBPS (1:1) from NKN through BSNL is provided using optical fiber backbone covering departments, student hostels and residential areas. Wired & wireless internet connectivity is available in the campus.

Names of the e-content development facilities:

  1. Composite digital lecterns having exclusive audio recording facility for capturing lectures.
  2. University video conferencing system uses for various types of virtual classes and campus recruitments.
  3. University some time hires third party video recording systems to record the lectures & events.
  4. University uses own YouTube channel for upload videos, for various type of lectures & university events.

Medical Services

Medical Services

The University has the provision for on-campus medical consultation. A Doctor is available for consultation on Campus thrice a week. In addition, the University has an arrangement with Columbia Asia Hospital, a hospital situated within a distance of one kilometre from the Campus, for special ambulance facility and discount for University students.

Counseling The University has instituted steps for providing psychological counseling and psychiatric services to students to help them cope with personal problems so that they can successfully achieve their educational goals. License Professional is available on campus for consultation for students.

The NUJS campus also includes a bank, a canteen, state-of the-art kitchens at the hostels, laundromat, health care, sports facilities including a gym and various other recreational facilities.