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Ph.D Programmes


The Ph.D. programme offers post graduate students to take up advanced research in law and interdisciplinary areas. Students receive in-depth training in research methodology and domain knowledge in the area of research under the able guidance of leading scholars with strong international, comparative and interdisciplinary commitments. This programme is primarily designed for students to contribute substantially to the area of legal literature and, thereby, facilitating them to be a part of the contemporary legal academia in their chosen area of study.

A. PhD Programes:

SL No.

Programme Code

Programme Name



Doctor of Philosophy in Law (Ph.D-Law)



Doctor of Philosophy in History (Ph.D-History)



Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science (Ph.D- Pol.Sc.)



Doctor of Philosophy in Economics (Ph.D- Eco.)



Doctor of Philosophy in Forensic Science (Ph.D- F.Sc.)

B. Eligibility for the Course Work:

The provisionally registered candidates under M. Phil. & Ph.D. Programme (Including candidates who have qualified UGC JRF/NET/SLET/SET) shall undergo a course work of one semester duration (12 credits) from the date of provisional registration, prescribed by the University.

C. Duration of the Course Work:

There shall be one semester course work, which shall consist a minimum of 40 hours of contact classes of three Papers..

D. Attendance Requirement:

Attendance is compulsory, However, to sit in the written examination and or assessment minimum 80% attendance is mandatory.

E. Course Work and Examinations:

The programme primarily consists of rigorous course-work spanning over six months, followed by a presentation of research proposal to the Research Advisory Committee.
The course-work has been designed in a way to help doctoral students acquire the background and research skills needed to complete a thesis in their field of interest and to prepare them for qualifying examinations that test the depth and breadth of the literacies and skills they have acquired. The course-work also provides them with the opportunity to interact with leading scholars and teachers in law and other disciplines to enhance their understanding of advanced research methodology. These interactions are an excellent opportunity for students to receive diverse feedbacks in their areas of research.
The course-work module comprises of various pedagogical tools, including, workshops in contemporary areas of legal research, in-class exercises, question and answer sessions and other activities; this facilitates the students to engage and familiarize themselves with quality research methods and methodologies.




The course-work culminates into a qualifying examination for the doctoral student. The components of the evaluation are as follows:
Sl. No. Component Weightage in Marks
Advanced Research Methodology (Written -exam)
Research Proposal in the area of research

Presentation of the proposal
50 marks

50 marks
Research area -Domain Knowledge

a. Preparation of the module (around 800 pages in consultation with the notional supervisor), writing essay of minimum 5,000 words on the basis of the module

b. Written examination on the module
50 marks

50 marks
Research and Publication Ethics (30 hours classes)

Focusing on plagiarism, copyrights, etc.
50 marks
350 marks
On passing the qualifying examination the student the Ph.D. scholar is given a permanent registration number. Thereafter, the scholar goes through continuous assessments for the ensuing term of their Ph.D. programme. This includes mandatory submission of annual progress reports to the supervisor and thereafter make a detailed presentation to Research Advisory Committee on a regular basis. Prior to the submission of thesis, the scholar must also publish two full-length research articles in peer-reviewed/ UGC Referred journals.
On the completion of all these requirements and subject to any other requirements under the extant UGC regulations, the scholar is allowed to finally submit their thesis to the University.

F. Qualifying Marks:

The candidate has to obtain a minimum of 55% of marks in the course work in order to be eligible to continue the M. Phil. / Ph. D. programme.

G. Certificate:

After successfully qualifying the Course Work Assessment/Examination, the candidate shall be issued with a Certificate of successful completion of Course Work on the written request by the candidate concern.


Please contact University for the latest applicable norms.