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SITC-CCI Inaugural Lecture

The NUJS Centre for Competition Law, in collaboration with the Society of International Trade and Competition Law at NUJS, conducted the inaugural lecture of the CCI-NUJS Lecture Series. The Hon’ble Chairperson of the Competition Commission of India, Shri Ashok Kumar Gupta, delivered the inaugural lecture. The guest of honour, Prof. V K Unni of the Public Policy and Management Group at the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata addressed the attendees.
The event was organized under the auspicious of the Honourable Vice Chancellor, Dr. N K Chakraborty.
The introduction to the session was given by Dr. Tilottama RayChaudhari, Associate Professor of law at NUJS and Director, Center for Competition Laws, NUJS .
The event was moderated by Ms Kanchan Yadav, Research Scholar at NUJS and Sri Hari Mangalam, a fourth-year student of BA LLB at NUJS.
Prof. Unni started the session by commending the Chairperson for his outstanding leadership in the CCI’s most recent efforts, such as paying tribute to the evolving watchdog for, e.g. Indian E-commerce Market Study and Green Channel Policy Implementation. Furthermore, he spoke about some new challenges in competition law such as monetising big data, the misuse of power by some corporations, and the adjustment of criteria for combination.
The hon’ble Chairperson spoke about the purpose of the CCI, the revised status-quo, and the unique power of the Commision to analyse and assess unfair and one-sided contracts. In pursuance of this, put special reliance on speedy redressal and collaboration from all fronts. Speaking of the Green Channel,the chairperson used his extensive experience in defence production to establish a Green Channel system similar to the one followed in defence production in the functioning of the CCI.
During the event, the Chairperson also spoke about the CCI’s new regional office in Kolkata and the crucial role it would play in raising awareness of the CCI’s activities in Eastern India. The event then moved to a Q/A session and was concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Shouvik Kumar Guha, Assistant professor of Law at NUJS and Associate Director, Center for Competition Laws, NUJS.