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Fourth Lecture of the CCI-NUJS Lecture Series

The NUJS Centre for Competition Law, in collaboration with the Society of International Trade and Competition Law at NUJS, conducted the fourth lecture of the CCI-NUJS Lecture Series. The Hon’ble Director of the Competition Commission of India, Ms. Sayanti Chakrabarti, delivered the lecture on the topic of “Regulation of Competition in Digital Markets.
The event was organised under the support and guidance of the Honourable Vice Chancellor, Dr. N K Chakraborty, who welcomed Ms. Sayanti Chakrabarti to the NUJS campus. She was then accompanied by Dr. Tilottama Raychaudhuri, Associate Professor of Law at NUJS and Director, the Center for Competition Laws, NUJS, to the MCS hall, where the lecture was conducted.
Suansh Joshi, third-year law student at NUJS, gave the introduction to the session. The session began with Ms. Sayanti describing the concept of Market Power and the illusion of choice. She then discussed the practice of massive companies buying out their competition before the latter.
could properly penetrate and expand in the market. She also emphasized on the necessity of various laws coming together to regulate the digital market as the field is a rapidly evolving area.
The event then moved on to a Q&A session, with the attendees asking thoughtful questions based on their understanding of the issue. The event was concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Kanchan Yadav, Research fellow at WBNUJS.

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