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Dr. Asha Srivastava


Dr. Asha Srivastava is a stalwart of forensic psychology in India. She did her Ph.D. in Psychology from Lucknow University, UP, India. Currently, Dr. Srivastava is serving as the Director, CFSL, New Delhi. She is a globally renowned scientist in this field. During her illustrious career of more than 29 years, she has served in several prestigious positions in different law enforcement organizations around the nation. She has also served as a lecturer and psychologist in various organizations. Throughout her career, She has trained thousands of students, police officials, bureaucrats, law practitioners and corporate employees. As a forensic psychologist, Dr. Srivastava examined more than 5,000 subjects in 2,000 cases referred by CBI, NIA, Delhi Police, Armed Forces and other Law Enforcement Agencies in the country, which is an unprecedented achievement in its own.

Dr. Srivastava has a Significant Contribution for Induction of new technology in CBI, i.e., Forensic Psychological Assessment, Forensic Statement Analysis, Crime Scene Profiling, Victim Profiling, Psychological Profiling, Forensic Psychological counselling, Psychological Autopsy, Layered Voice Analysis. Among her other important contributions, Dr. Srivastava has successfully changed the name of the division from “Lie Lie-Detection Division” to Forensic Psychology Division with the approval of MHA, which opened a broader analytical aspect in the field of Forensic Psychology. Among the most significant cases Dr. Srivastava has investigated, Pathankot Attack, Sheena Bora murder, Bombay Terrorist attack, Vyapam scam, Nirbhaya rape, Post violence cases of west Bengal, and many more.