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Rima Ghosh


Ms. Rima Ghosh is working as a Research Assistant at DPIIT IPR Chair, at West Bengal National University of Juridical Science (WBNUJS) Kolkata. She is currently pursuing Ph.D. from WBNUJS on ‘Intellectual Property Rights for the protection of Expression in the Entertainment Industry and Fashion Industry’. She completed her B.A honours in English from Mumbai University, LL. B from West Bengal State University, LLM degree with first class in Business Law as specialization subject with interest of Intellectual Property Law from Amity Law School Kolkata, Amity University Kolkata. Her LL.M dissertation title was ‘Interface between Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law’. She is pursuing Diploma Course in Fashion Law from Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai .She was recipient of Best student Award in Intellectual Property Law during her LL.M. She holds core membership of Intellectual Property Facilitation Team (IPFT) to work on blogging and spreading awareness about Intellectual Property and also holds membership position of Youth for Human Rights International. Researcher has vast experience on reaching on contemporary issues of present world. She has several paper publications to her credit and book chapters on various books. She also presented research papers at various National and International conferences, workshops,webinars on issues of Media and Women, Protection of Women Worker, IP and Human Rights, IP and Women in terms of Equality, Copyright of Idea Expression Dichotomy, Copyright and Entertainment Industry, Protection of Fashion Industry through IPR, Protection of Indigenous Traditional knowledge. She is working in the National GI Dive Mission, WBNUJS. She is also take part in organising team to conduct several Webinars, Workshops, Courses and Seminars for IPR Chair.