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About the centre

The Centre for Competition Laws, NUJS aims to serve as a forum exclusively dedicated to Competition Law that would enable the students, researchers and faculty members of NUJS to access and explore this booming area of law, as well as collaborate with the Competition Commission of India to conduct various activities for the promotion of awareness and generation of quality research on this discipline, such as research and consultancy projects, moot court competitions, seminars, conferences and lecture series.
In fulfillment of such objectives, the Centre has collaborated with the Competition Commission of India for several research projects, and coordinates related activities conducted by NUJS as an institution empanelled by the CCI. The Centre has already completed and submitted the final report for a research project titled “Competition Assessment of the Highways Sector” commissioned by the Competition Commission of India, as well as a research project on Crisis Cartels as a part of the NICE-Cartel Working Group (co-chaired by the Coordinator of the Centre) created by the CCI. It has also conducted competition assessment of the MSME Act, 2006, allocated by the Competition Commission of India, assisted the CCI in the translation of Competition Advocacy Booklets into regional languages, and performed peer review of the National Textile Policy, 2000 And Related Laws, allocated by the CCI. The Centre also organises together with the Society for International Trade and Competition, NUJS and the CCI, the Annual CCI-NUJS Competition Law Moot Court Competition.