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About the Centre

The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (WBNUJS) has already been recognised as one of the best interdisciplinary research institutions with a vibrant research environment. In accord with the robust research culture at WBNUJS, it established the Centre for Law and Social Justice in 2022. The Centre for Law and Social Justice is a centre of excellence that shall strive to research to augment the cause of social justice that is inextricably linked with the formulation and the application of the laws. In tandem with the principle of judicial impact assessment and legislative impact assessment, the Centre’s objective shall be to dissect the laws and the societal implications to understand how and what modifications are needed in the laws, legal framework and legal implementation of the laws.
With cooperative and collaborative endeavours of and with the students, faculties, and other institution members, along with various research organisations, government organisations, communities and other stakeholders, the Centre is a dynamic hub to drive Social Justice reform and contribute to law reform and policy making. The Centre develops solutions to many pressing and complex social justice problems through research, teaching, and practice, encouraging and supporting multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation. It is also a gateway for partners and communities to engage with the university’s resources and maximise social impact.
The Centre strives to explore and respond to crises of human vulnerability, marginality, displacement, and discrimination, with the ultimate goal of emancipation from structural dominations. Theoretically dismissing field-curriculum, field-pedagogy, and theory-practice dualities, the Centre is committed to teaching, research, and fieldwork, blending theory and practice appropriately.

Mission & Vision of the Centre:

The Centre aims to promote and integrate community-based research, teaching, and service culture by collaborating with diverse partners and communities. Its primary objective is to foster a deep commitment to social and ethical practices, develop solutions to pressing and complex social justice problems, and encourage and support multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation. For that purpose, the Centre undertakes the following activities from time to time:

Centre Director

Dr. Sanjit Kumar Chakraborty

Associate Professor of Law
Email: clsj@nujs.edu
Tel.: +91 33 23350534/7379/0765 (Ex. 2190)