युक्ती हीने विचारे तु धर्महानि प्रजायते


The major work of the Centre is to understand the dynamic disciplines of Politics, International Relations, Law and Strategic Studies, through a holistic and analytical lens and associated research skills, together with an opportunity to gain practical experience about contemporary global issues, with a special focus on South Asia and India. The activities of the Centre also examines the nuances of politics in general and in relation to international relations, questions of international political economy, international organizations, international diplomatic practice, international law and institutions, studies of specific regions (Area Studies), foreign policy and international migration, media, and many others.
It is imperative that special emphasis would be given to South Asia: a region where we live, trying to understand the role played by India in maintaining peace and stability in the region. In addition, this centre tries to deal with the world’s most pressing challenges: war and peace, social and economic justice, poverty, development and environmental sustainability, just to name a few. The various activities of the Centre will also critically understand the relations among states and between states and non-state actors, including the history, nature, and evolution of the international system. It also unites political, economic, social, security and cultural dimensions to study international affairs. Special focus is given to research methodology: process used to collect information and data for publication research, interviews, and surveys, using both present and historical information and to introduce the concept of scientific research and the methods of conducting scientific enquiry by introducing diverse and innovative statistical tools of data analysis as well as try to understand and address the critical issues pertaining to defence and strategic studies – a very interesting area that is emerging today.
Through lectures, seminars and conferences C-PLI will provide an accessible space for the ideas, knowledge and experience of experts, academics, decision makers and activists from our country and across the world to find solutions to today’s “global” challenges. Research at C-PLI will concentrate on future-oriented themes that farsighted policymaking must address today.